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Smooth Radiant

Jenny and Mikah were leafing through the latest woman's

magazine and were discussing an article about skin care.

Jenny turned to Mikah and asked if she would want the

same results the skin care hints discussed in the article.

"Smooth Radiant!" she exclaimed. "Of course I want

Smooth Radiant" "Who wouldn't?" "In fact I'd give

up chocolate cake for Smooth Radiant along with a

few other things!" After pondering her excited outburst, she

realized she many have spoken too fast. "I think I'll hold on

to the chocolate cake; after all, it's my husband's favorite and

as we all know that a cake in the pan means a happy man."

"But I still want Smooth Radiant"

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Clean Fresh

"Your Clean Fresh is so alluring." he whispered

in her ear.  "I would love to run my hands all over your

Clean Fresh"

"Back off Tiger!" she growled. "There's not gonna be any of that

hanky-panky until you put a ring on this!" she said, pointing to

her left ring finger. "Also, no Clean Fresh until you

help out around here." "Since I prepared that delicious, gourmet

meal you just devoured, you can clear the table, clean up the kitchen

and do the dishes before you leave." "I'm gonna relax and watch

my TV program while you knock yourself out."

"Do you have any dish gloves I can use?" he asked.

"Say what?!" she exclaimed. "Why do you need dish gloves for such

few dishes?" "Well," he replied "how do you expect me to tee-off

and putt with chapped hands?"

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"Dr! Dr! I've been looking for you everywhere"

said the nurse excitedly. "We have a patient in Exam Room #3

with multiple lacerations and bruises on his hands and face!"

"I'll be right there..." replied Dr "Just as soon as I

finish up with this young lady."

Dr, as he is examining the new patient: "Well

tell me, what were you doing to inflict these injuries on yourself?"

"I was making a smoothie with bananas, strawberries and

some protein powder when the blender stopped working. I

tried to unclog it with a fork" replied the man with a embarrassed

tone in his voice. "While it was still running?" asked Dr

The man nodded his head affirmatively. Dr "Next time this

happens" "Olympia!" interjected the patient. "Don't come here,

go check yourself into the psych ward."

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