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Gold is where you find it.

That means gold can be found almost anywhere, even dissolved in seawater.

Gold can also be found on top of the ground, in veins underground, or in stream placer deposits.

The trick is to find gold in concentrated amounts and to recover it economically.

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Berms: New York Spot Silver Prices (USD/oz.)

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Berms: New York Spot Gold Prices (USD/oz.)

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Gold Weight Measurements

480 Grains=1 Troy Ounce

31.10 Grams=1 Troy Ounce

20 Pennyweights=1 Troy Ounce

12 Troy Ounces=1 Troy Pound

Gold Mining History

Hydraulic Mining

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Chinese Miners in Montana

California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush II

Montana Mining Districts

California Mining Districts

Montana's Gold Ghost Towns

3-7-77  The Montana Vigilantes

Six Months in the Gold Mines(CA, 1847) PDF file

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59 Narratives of California Gold History from the L.O.C.

Bodie, California: Gold Rush Ghost Town

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Gold Sluice Prospecting Prices Pan Panning Nuggets Dredge

Dredging Bullion Mines Mining Districts Metal Detectors Dust Flakes Dust

How to Make a Gold Sluice

Domain Names for Sale

Earnhardt Collectibles

Gold Dredge For One

Gold Nugget Scope

Base Metal Prices

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Metal Detectors


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Berms are linear piles or mounds of soil used in gardening

and to control water runoff, spill containment and noise abatement.

Earthen berms have a number of sports related uses as in mountain

biking, motocross and a backstop for shooting sports. Construct a

berm to control noise and privacy concerns as when near a heavily

used street or highway. In the garden, soil formed into berms warms

sooner in the spring and allows for drainage so plants don't get water-

logged from sitting directly in water.

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